UK Government Tries "Dossier" Trick Again - Syria/Iraq

Just as in the run-up to the invasion of Iraq, the UK government released a dossier on the Syrian chemical strike today, in what is becoming a failed effort to persuade the public that we need another war right now (no waiting).

Remember the claim of that Saddam could launch chemical attacks on 45 minutes notice?

Here is the UK dossier on Syria. Sounds bad, but how can anyone be sure the opposition in Syria has insufficient capability for last week's attack? They cannot be sure. They can't keep weed out of prisons, so what makes them think they know what is circulating on a battlefield the size of Syria? Then they accuse people like be of being stupid because we don't see things their way? Assholes. Other problems with this assessment:

.. Where is the proof of the 14 previous uses of chemicals by the Syrian government?
.. The intelligence to suggest regime culpability in this attack is bullshit, not actual evidence, referring to the intercepted phone call that proves only that the Syrian senior command did not know the source of the chemical attack. These douchebags are saying the fact they were talking about the attack is incriminating, which makes us all suspects.

Joint Intelligence Organization - assessment of 27 August on Reported Chemical Weapons use in Damascus

A chemical attack occurred in Damascus on the morning of 21 August, resulting in at least 350 fatalities. It is not possible for the opposition to occasions in the past. There is some intelligence to suggest regime culpability in this attack. These factors make it highly likely that the Syrian assess would be very difficult to falsify) is consistent with the use of a nerve agent, such as sarin, and is not consistent with the use of blister or riot control agents.

There is no obvious political or military trigger for regime use of CW on an apparently larger scale now, particularly given the current presence President Asad to senior regime commanders, such as [not given], but any deliberate change in the scale and nature of use would require his authorisation. There is no credible evidence that any opposition group has used CW. A number continue to seek a CW capability, but none currently has the capability to conduct a CW attack on this scale.

Russia claims to have a ‘good degree of confidence’ that the attack was an ‘opposition provocation’ but has announced that they support an investigation into the incident. We expect them to maintain this line. The Syrian regime has now announced that it will allow access to the sites by UN inspectors.

There is no immediate time limit over which environmental or physiological samples would have degraded beyond usefulness. However, the longer it takes inspectors to gain access to the affected sites, the more difficult it will be to establish the chain of evidence beyond a reasonable doubt.