Ticket Controllers having a bad day

I was travelling with a friend to go to a theme park. I had a ticket but, unknowingly, not the right tarif. (Mine was 1 Euro short) The tarif i bought is usually good on all similar routes of similar distance, so i thought it was fine.
The Ticket-authority guys entered the tram and from the beginning were pretty rude to me during inspection and charged me with 40 eur.

During inspection, they told me they'd give me their Work-ID numbers, but they never did, because i said i wanted to report them. When, afterwards they still refused to show me their IDs (they are supposed to show their "Controller-Card" when asked for) i felt angry and somehow helpless and recorded this footage to have some proof to be able to have them identified for an official complaint.
But instead of acting professionally, they start showing their true faces.

This is an ongoing development as i decided to sue the guy for hitting my phone and damaging it.
Also i am going to go up against the 40eur charge, as it is out of any relation.


By: ArtificialArtist (78.90)

Tags: liveleakers, Cologne, Germany, Ticket, Controllers, hit, camera

Location: Cologne, Germany