Helicopters put out fire at the scene of Beirut port explosion

A helicopter puts out a fire at the scene of the explosion at Beirut port on Wednesday (August 5).

Video captured in 4K the morning after Tuesday night's massive blast shows a motorist driving a red Porsche sports car near the port with its windscreen missing.

The port is shown nearly completely destroyed. A badly damaged white building - a silo where wheat is stored - is left standing among the rubble. A silver car is seen abandoned, its body bent and the passenger door still open. Large ships in the port are seen blackened from the blast. High-rise buildings on Charles Helou Street, those that were the first to take the hit from the massive explosion, are seen with their windows blown out, twisted metal hanging in the breeze. These include the headquarters of internationally known designer Zuhair Murad and the officers of mobile phone operator Touch.


By: NewsFlare (90036.00)

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Location: Lebanon