Stay Classy, Aviary Restaurant Food Services Worker Who Spit On Eric Trump

Chicago is where this happened, of course. Honest questions: What the hell is wrong with any of you folk who would do this, or anyone who would condone doing this; spitting on another adult who is doing absolutely nothing to you personally? Is this really "politically inspired" behavior, or is there something that is a far deeper disturbance in a person who does something like this?
Spitting on anyone, let alone the son of the President of the United States, is school-yard level childishness on display. The 2016 elections have gone on, almost 3 years now. Get over it, you lost. Now STFU and GBTW, quit spitting on people like a friggin' reeeetarrdo, and act like the adults that you are..... FFS.....

Also, the Secret Service snagged the imbecile, Chicago police got involved, but Eric Trump refused to press charges. THAT shows class (though I think that "throwing the book" at her would have been totally appropriate. Hit her in the pocketbook with a fine, and maybe sit her in a cell for a number days, so that she "gets it" That's the path that I would have chosen, one!)


By: Cipher This (2014.10)

Tags: News, Eric Trump, bad behavior, TDS, amoral, unethical, hurr, durr

Location: Chicago, USA