Rosguard fighter falls into coma after the battle for the maroon beret

A fighter of the Russian Guard fell into a coma and died two weeks after the fight for the right to wear a maroon beret. The last fight of the 34-year-old man was filmed.

The described events occurred in early October, but they became known only at the end of last week. A Rosgvardeyan from Ulan-Ude, who visited several hot spots, went to Khabarovsk to pass an exam on the right to wear a maroon beret. During a 12-minute battle with the instructor, he missed several powerful punches, actually stopped responding to attacks, and then for the first time fell to his knees.

"Get up! Come on, work!" - demanded the assembled comrades.

The second round did not work: after another blow, a fighter of the Russian Guard fell to the ground and did not rise again. He never regained consciousness, and all the efforts of the doctors were in vain - two weeks later the man died in the hospital.

"This is a tough and wrong approach to business, but it took shape decades ago and is actively used. There are regularly cases where someone is ill and taken to the hospital. On the other hand, people are preparing for war, not for competition," told a representative of law enforcement agencies.

The Rosgvardia regional administration expressed condolences to the relatives and relatives of the deceased and promised to provide them with material assistance.


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