Germany: A migrant ransacks the worker's cars at the refugee center with a log

Property damage: 50,000 euros (56000 USD).

Donauworth (Bavaria). On Wednesday morning, a 19-year-old Nigerian broke the windshields and rear windows of the employees' cars who were working there with a thick tree stump.

"A wild artistic performance to emphasize the revenge of nature on man." Art News.

The police confirmed the authenticity of the recordings.

The site of the former barracks currently houses around 750 asylum seekers from Nigeria and Turkey. It was still early in the morning when the ten employees of the building of the "Central Aliens Authority" had to watch how the young man was losing the pedals [Ed: In the video, we hear "No, my car ..." from the of an employee.]

Operations Manager Alexandra Reinhardt (49) told BILD newspaper: "The culprit is a former resident of our house. [...] "Presumably, the Nigerian crossed a fence, bypassed the strict controls at the entrance and came in the morning in the area without being noticed.

So far, the individual has given only confused and inconsistent information to the police.

And the best for the end:
Sybille Jakob (48) looks after the refugees who arrive on the Bavarian site since 2015. She gives her opinion: "I think it was a desperate act. The young man wants to return to Nigeria. But he was refused permission to leave. Therefore, he had to be angry and upset. [Muh, he's a poor boi, he dindu nuttin, blablabla, liberal gibberish]



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