Return of the LiveLeak Snapper - Hand Feeding (LiveLeak Original)

Well its a been awhile turtle is still around lounging on Summer days....but right now she's hibernating under the ice awaiting spring.
Hope everyone is doing OK and staying COVID 19 free! I have gotten a lot of comments on my previous videos about hand feeding her...well here it is.

For anyone who hasn't seen my videos this is my companion snapping turtle I've befriended for the better part of 20years who hangs around my dock on summer days awaiting Walleye treats. I don't recommend anyone trying this...but I know this turtle very well and she isn't like the mean buggers I've relocated off a busy highway that's for sure!

**Shot on a crappy iPhone 8...yes they are waterproof**


By: Hemi204 (4518.90)

Tags: liveleakers, Snapper, Turtle, Canada, Bestie, Handfeeding, Lake, hotdog, Monster

Location: Whiteshell Provincial Park