Clever chimpanzee uses a branch as a tool to grab snacks in water at Uganda wildlife centre

This was the impressive moment a chimpanzee at the Uganda Wildlife Education Centre in Entebbe used a branch to retrieve fruit that was in the water.

The clip, filmed on June 20, 2019, shows the chimp working out how to get its food demonstrating inventive tool-use to retrieve a piece of fruit from the moat by fetching a branch and skilfully drawing it within reach.

Keeper Dan Mirembe explained: "When poachers capture baby apes for the illegal wildlife trade, their mother and other family members are killed, so 20 rescued chimps at the centre, likely represent 100 dead members of this endangered species. This is why the education work done by primate sanctuaries across Africa is so important, so the next generation understands the importance of conservation."



By: NewsFlare (82857.00)

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