Let the fallout from Ukranian plane crash begin. Protests against the Aayatollah has begun and the IRGC

Protests in many parts of Iran demanding the supreme leader to resign. They chanted "Death to liars", "Shame on you, Khamenei (the supreme leader)", "shame on the IRGC (Iran Revolutionary Guard Corps)", "We will those who my brother", "Let go of the rule of the country". Also some of the portraits of the killed General were also torn down.

There is also anger from people in Russia for diferent reasons.

Yuri Shvytkin, deputy head of the State Duma’s Defense Committee (Russian Parliment), criticized the position of the Iranian authorities, who admitted their responsibility for shooting down the Ukrainian airliner. Shvytkin told Russian radio station Moscow Speaks that the Iranians should have blamed the United States for the incident.

Russian senator Alexei Pushkov stated: "The United States carry their part of the responsibility for this tragedy,” arguing that America creates conditions leading to wars all over the world

Vladimir Dzhabarov, graduate of the FSB Academy, who serves as the first Deputy Chair of the International Affairs Committee of the Federation Council of the Russian Federation, also laid the responsibility for the downing of the passenger airliner by Iran on the United States of America.

Before Iran's admission, Russia’s Federal News Agency (RIA FAN) pushed the boundaries even further, promoting an outlandish conspiracy theory that an American drone shot down the passenger airliner. Russian military expert Igor Korotchenko claimed that allegations by the Ukrainian authorities that the Russian-made Tor missile system was used to target the jet were nothing more than “Russophobia” by the Ukrainian “scoundrels.”
Appearing on news talk show 60 Minutes produced by Russian state TV channel Rossiya-24, Dmitry Abzalov, President of the “Center for Strategic Communications,” dismissed any possibility that Iranian missiles could have shot down the Ukrainian airliner


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