Liveleak botany challenge

My grandmother gave me these today. She wasn't sure how she came across them and hoped that I could figure it out. I am not very bright and completely lazy so I thought I might ask you fine intellectuals. Also being impatient and pessimistic I don't want to plant them because I don't want to wait and they will probably just die.

I think it may be a seed pod from a Wiliwili tree (Erythrina sandwicensis) which is native to Hawaii (second pic). I'm not so sure that this is correct because of the slight differences in the shell and the fact that my grandmother resides in south east Iowa and has never been to Hawaii; nor does she know anyone that has.

I know a few of the LL regulars live in Hawaii so I would value your opinions. Obtuse, negative and vulgar comments are welcome as are personal attacks and insults. Assume anyone who disagrees with you is criticizing your political beliefs and downthumb run their channel.

poll: What should I do with these?

Eat them
Delete my account
Plant them


By: seroquelnation (1886.26)

Tags: Stupid games for quarantined people

Location: Iowa? Hawaii? Mars?