Random Creature Caught on Video in Potential Third World Paradise

Published on Feb 16, 2020
It is a strange creature who attacked and killed a dog and injured the village. It is not known which village is the incident. Tell anyone who knows about it.
In this day and age of ever advancing technology and our never ending domination of the wild places of the world, it is easy for humankind to be lulled into the sense that we are the masters of our domain, the lords of all we survey, and the ultimate top of the food chain. However, this often proves to be a false sense of security. Indeed at the fringes of where our kind sits at the precipice of wild lands, we are at times just as much the hunted as the hunter. Things prowl out there in the wilderness, and they are not above taking a human life, for what are we to them but an easy meal? After all, without all of our advanced technology how can we really compete against creatures which have spent millions of years evolving with the sole intention of killing?

Often animal attacks can be explained as a roving leopard, lion, tiger, bear, or some such known predator species. At other times, the source of death is not so clear cut. At times, strange creatures for which we have no immediate identification can step forth from the brush to take our lives on a whim. These are the phantom talons that the natural world extends to us. Here are the inexplicable clawed, fanged things beyond our grasp that creep forth from the darkness to maim and kill almost invisibly, cloaked in a nearly supernatural aura. These are the unclassified man-eating beasts that have skirted the boundaries of our known world and lurched forth from our nightmares to viciously drive home the fact with blood, teeth, and breathtaking, unstoppable force that not only are we not at the top of the food chain, but that we might not even know what the top of the food chain is.



By: Mullet Over (17812.00)

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