Armed church members shoot active shooter inside packed Texas church during a livestreamed communion

Wait, so you even carry a gun in Church! What are you crazy, what do you think is going to happen in a church! Who do you think you are James Bond?

Those are the typical responses I get when people find out I carry a gun to church. I’ve done it for years and still do it to this day.

It baffles people that I would feel the need to carry a gun in church. Well, maybe the recent church shooting in Texas will change their minds.

Reports out of White Settlement show a gunman has killed one person and critically injured another inside a packed Texas church during a live-streamed service before he was shot dead by an armed member of the congregation.

The shooting was reported Sunday morning during the 10am service at the church. The service was being live-streamed at the time of the shooting.

Authorities have not released any details about what led to the shooting.

An elder at the church told the New York Times that one of those killed was a security guard who responded to the shooter, calling him a dear friend.

If people are willing to kill people in a church what makes you think you’re any safer anywhere else?

We’ve been told for years that gun-free zones make us safe. Yet if no one had a gun in that church this would be an entirely different story. Yet and still these anti-gun politicians keep trying to take our guns.

They’re the first ones to say that having multiple people with guns in a mass shooting would be chaos. I watched the live stream, I saw no less than four different people pull their guns and they weren’t shooting indiscriminately hitting innocent people.

None of these anti-gun politicians actually care about saving lives because if they did, they’d be praising the people who stopped this shooter, instead, they’re talking about more gun control.

BETO didn’t wait two seconds to exploit this shooting for his gun control agenda, before tweeting, “So saddened to hear about another church shooting in Texas, this one in White Settlement near Fort Worth. Clearly what we are doing in Texas, what we are doing in this country, when it comes to guns is not working.”

He didn’t even acknowledge the person who shot the shooter and thank him for the lives he saved.

Hell, even Bloomberg used this shooting to push more gun control by tweeting, “We Must Take Action to stop this”. What is he talking about, they did take action to stop it, they shot him!

The only politician who recognized the people who stopped the shooter was governor Abbott of Texas, who is also the same governor who has been vocally supportive of the Texas gun law that allows Texans to carry a gun in places of worship.

And that’s the crux of this whole gun debate. All of these anti-gun politicians have an agenda to push more gun control at all cost and we in the gun community also have an agenda.

However, the difference between our agenda and theirs is that their agenda exploits dead bodies, our agenda exploits saved lives.

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