Bodycam Video from the Kohl’s Parking Lot Incident Tells More

On May 8th, we showed you a bystander video from a police incident inside the parking lot of the Kohl’s in Havertown. That video showed one Haverford Township police officer repeatedly kicking and striking a man who was on the ground.

Haverford Township police chief John Viola insisted that the bystander video didn’t tell the whole story. And the Delaware County District Attorney’s Office has now ruled that no excessive force was used, a conclusion based in part on police bodycam video, some of which is seen below.

“After the review, the Office of the District Attorney has determined that there was no criminal conduct on the part of members of the Haverford Township Police Department,” wrote Delaware County assistant district attorney Douglas Rhoads in a letter to Viola. “The use of force in this interaction does not exceed the authority of police officers….”

Philly Mag obtained a copy of bodycam footage from the Haverford Township Police Department using an open records request. Below is a portion of the video that begins when police attempt to handcuff 30-year-old Christopher Ricciuti and ends when Ricciuti is finally placed into a police vehicle — nearly seven minutes later.

The Haverford Township Police Department has issued a statement, pointing out that while the bystander video was less than 90 seconds long, the entire incident played out in the Kohl’s parking lot for more than 27 minutes.



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