The Good Path? Pelosi, the Border, Joe Biden and The Children

Washington, DC -- Speaking before a group of doctors and nurses, Speaker Pelosi reassures us that we are on a good path at the border because of President Biden. Further, that reversing the ban on travel from those middle eastern and African countries where terrorism is very active is not only a very good thing but is the "crown jewel" of our immigration policy.

Here is the real story.

The Democrat Party Problem: People are leaving in droves from traditionally democrat northern states. This is due to a combination of ever increasing taxes and crime. These state's falling population means falling members in the house and falling electoral college votes for each of those states. Both are determined by population relative to the population of all other states.

The Democrat Party Solution:

a) Create never ending wars that generate refugees, import the refugees by the tens of thousand and settle them into those northern states. A refugee has the fastest track to becoming a citizen voter and counted in the census. For that, they will need to restructure the entire system so they can outpace the increasing pace of movement out of those states.

b) Open the southern border and encourage all who can walk to begin coming north into the Unites States. They will then be put into the distribution system and sent all over the country for much the same reason. To have them counted in the census.


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