Bus driver stabbed during a robbery

" Rodolfo Antonio Heredia Creciente, 59, was following the usual route of the bus he drives, when he became the victim of criminals in Barranquilla, Colombia

A man boarded the bus and stabbed the driver, Rodolfo Heredia, while stealing his belongings and the money he had collected on the route. After attacking the driver, the delinquent attacks the passengers to take their belongings. A passenger who was in one of the front seats jumped on the delinquent to rescue the backpack he had stolen. Then, the thief gets out of the vehicle and flees.

According to John Jairo Ospina, head of Operations at Sobusa, Heredia did not resist the robbery, but the subject immediately insulted him and asked for more money and attacked him with a knife," Ospina said. 80000 Peso was stolen ( € 21 / $ 23 ) The delinquent is still at large"

Happened in Colombia


By: plakka (1986.80)

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