A How To Solve Liveleak Stalk Issues

We've all come across a fellow LiveLeaker at some point that for one reason or another has targeted us for trolling or stalking. I remember the multi-account thumb brigades that would swoop in and thumb everything I posted down. The site solved that problem by making the comment score irrelevant. A thumb down means even less now. Some stalkers would take it up a notch and post a barrage a crap and then block so couldn't respond. That too was rectified by the site because now when they block , they also block themselves from commenting back.

So what is a stalker to do these days? Well, I've had a rather creative one recently. He's been sending me private messages with two dots in the subject and two dots in the message body. Not just a couple messages. Actually it's been a few thousand. Every morning I log in here there's anywhere from 300 to 600 messages waiting. More follow in the afternoon and he's often up past midnight adding more. Usually I get about 1000 a day. Presumably he figures I'll have to spend more time deleting them than he spent sending them. This morning I found over 400 messages, except today he's blocked me. Ironically that prevents him from sending any further messages.

So why would a stalker who's that bent on inundating me with messages give up? Well it's because I would send him a message saying that if he'd been by I didn't get the message. Other times I'd just send a simple "Hi". It must have been frustrating for him to have me cheerily send him a message or two everyday after he'd spent hours sending me garbage.

Here's the punchline. If ever have this happen there's a very easy way to solve the problem short of blocking. Use the FireFox web browser and install "CheckFox". This add-on allows to highlight all of the messages on the page and with one click, all of the checkboxes are checked. Then click "delete" and they're gone. What took your personal stalker an hour to do is cleaned up in seconds.


By: winster (6.50)

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