Metal doors collapsed on a child in a children's clinic

A hip fracture ended for a young resident of Kiev, a trip to the children's clinic - dismantled metal doors collapsed on the child. An emergency hit the lens of the surveillance camera.

The incident occurred on the afternoon of January 13 at Polyclinic No. 2 on Pravda Avenue. A four-year-old boy came to the GP with his mother, brother and sister - he was diagnosed with chickenpox. The frames show how a curious young man approaches the doors leaning against the wall, and at that moment they fall on him. Everything happened in front of the mother, who was the first to come to the aid of her son.

"All medical personnel were afraid to take responsibility, so everyone was waiting for an ambulance," said an eyewitness.

The child was hospitalized with a hip fracture, he is waiting for an operation that cannot yet be performed due to chicken pox.


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Location: Kiev,Ukraine