What's Happening to Us?

you remember LiveLead before all the UN/EU censorship and automated trolls? The UK embraced Brexit. Who is the most locked down now? Do you see a connection?

In the US, there isn't any affordable housing built anymore. There are McMansions being built everywhere. George Carlin called it right.

George Carling called out, "Dumb Americans", the 2nd video in this post. I have been to the UK twice. I was in Paris. I was in the former USSR 4x, and saw art that was hidden for hundreds of years being restored. In Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia, I saw cities that had identity before the scourge of Communism, and before they were ruined with the Corporate/Banker World Government screw up your life crowd rolling in.



By: SvenVonErick (1757.62)

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