Viral Video Shows Police Tasering, Pepper Spraying Man Filming Them During A Traffic Stop

Chicago Police officers are seen on video tasering and pepper spraying a man in front of his children after he recorded a traffic stop where cops were cuffing a different man in Little Village.

At the start of the now-viral video, Angel Ramirez films police officers as they conduct a traffic stop at a gas station in the 2800 block of South Pulaski Road. Ramirez’s wife, Anna Morentin, captured the interaction from inside their car and uploaded the footage to Facebook on July 4.

Ramirez, who is standing a few feet from the car as the officers try to cuff another man, is approached by a police officer who asks him to “back away” because he is at a “crime scene.”

As Ramirez slowly backs away from the officer, the officer walks toward Ramirez, grabs his arm and reaches for Ramirez’s phone. As Ramirez and two officers step out of frame, Ramirez is heard telling officers “not to touch him” before being pushed on to the hood of a SUV.

Police officers can be heard yelling at Ramirez to put his hands behind his head, to which Ramirez replies, “What did I do?”

As several officers enter the scuffle, Ramirez struggles with them as they try to cuff him. The officers then back away and tase Ramirez.


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Location: Chicago