Audi test drive, combined with a crash test

Traffic along the Vyborg highway towards the region is blocked, towards the city center it is difficult. According to the traffic police, 12 cars were involved in the accident . The moment of the accident was recorded by the DVR of one of the participants.

According to the propaganda department of the traffic police in St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Region, according to preliminary information, on December 5 at about 9:50 on Vyborg Highway 6, Audi A7, moving in the second row, collided with the Mercedes in front of the pedestrian crossing, ran into an obstacle, on the lawn of the dividing strip and tangentially touched 11 vehicles. The data of the culprit of the accident are thinned, as well as information about the victims. All circumstances of the incident are established.
The accident was recorded by the registrar of the car, which, having circled the line for a turn in the middle lane, stood first. The main blow fell on him. At that moment, Audi was jumping out of the middle row onto a dividing lawn in order to sweep pillars and cars in front of itself.

On the frames of eyewitnesses and the “Road Inspector” it is clear that the name of the Audi Center Vitebsky salon is indicated on Audi. So, he has nothing to do with the salon on the Vyborg highway.
“She rushed like that, then cotton. Either the tire, or just flew into the lawn and rushed, - writes Natalia in the group of "Accidents and PE St. Petersburg " VKontakte. “A woman was struck by a man’s knees.” “She hit a car (cotton), after which it hit a curb, after hitting a traffic light, signs, collision with an oncoming vehicle, soared into the air, flew into the support, landed and went to demolish the fence,” says Kirill. According to him, the car was moving at a speed of 150-160 km / h. This information will be checked by law enforcement officers.

According to the data for 12 hours, the traffic is still blocked, but the cars have already been pulled away. Works cleaning equipment.



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