Texas 'biohacker' able to open garage door after microchip implant

A Texas "biohacker" shows how easy it is to open a garage door after getting a microchip implanted into his hand on November 3.

Filmed in Georgetown, footage shows the device being inserted into Matthew Critchfield's arm and subsequently opening of a garage door using Radio Frequency Identification (RFID).

Biohackers - also known as "Grinders" - are a community of do-it-yourself biologists where altering their physiology through science and experiments is common.

Critchfield told Newsflare: "Microchip implants can do many different things depending on which chip you get.

"You can unlock your house, open your car, start your motorcycle, computer, or even store a virtual business card, all in your hand!

"Showcasing the use of my microchip implant, one of the many things you can do is open and close your garage door with the help of an RFID access controller that had been wired to the garage door opener.

"You can also use this access controller to do other tasks such as lock/unlock your vehicle.

"And if you're savvy enough, start your motorcycle or car."


By: NewsFlare (60483.00)

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