In a head-on collision of two Toyota two people were killed

On August 18, the Toyota-Carib and Toyota Land-Cruiser-100 collisions occurred on the federal highway. Two people died in the accident.
According to the Kam 24 news agency in the Yelizovsky traffic police department, the accident occurred at 14:30 on the 16th kilometer of the Morport-Airport highway.

According to preliminary information, the 28-year-old man on the Toyota Carib, moving from the city of Yelizovo, suddenly drove into the oncoming lane, where he collided with the Toyota Land Cruiser 100. As a result of the accident, the 32-year-old Cariba passenger, who was in the front seat on the left, died before the ambulance arrived. The driver and another Carib passenger born in 2002 were hospitalized. A few hours later, the 16-year-old man passed away. The driver and passenger of the Land Cruiser did not seek medical help; they were fastened with seat belts.

The department added that an investigative-operational group is working at the scene of the incident, all the circumstances of the incident are being clarified.


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