Thai homeless man finally gets dozens of 'lucky rings' removed from his fingers

A homeless man who kept dozens of 'lucky rings' on his fingers for more than ten years has finally had them removed.

The man, who would not tell anybody his name, was found wandering along the street in Samut Prakan, Thailand on Wednesday (October 23) afternoon.

He said he had been wearing the bizarre collection of bands on his fingers for more than ten years without removing them. His fingers had turned red and became swollen.

Locals tried to persuade him to seek help but he refused at the beginning. He claimed to have worn them for more than 10 years and was afraid to remove them.

Good Samaritan Nong Belle contacted emergency services and the man was finally taken to the hospital to remove the rings on Thursday (October 24).

Rescuer foundation volunteer Funden Janyathanakorn said that the homeless man was lucky not to lose the fingers but he will have to live with his fingers out of shape.

Funden said: "When we first found the man he did not want to have his rings removed. He said they were lucky."

'But we returned later and finally I could convince him to undertake the operation which is good for him because he could have lost his fingers if he waited much longer."

"Although the operation was successful, the man's fingers will be out of shape for the rest of his life."


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Location: Thailand