12 questions answered from investigation into arrest caught on video that lead to protests

The arrest of Shaolin Moore on the city’s Near West Side, which was partially recorded on a video that went viral on social media has sparked many questions.

Did the officers use excessive force? Why weren’t the officers suspended? Did an officer cover up his body-worn camera?

Syracuse Police Chief Kenton Buckner answered dozens of questions as he spent a half-hour Monday morning breaking down Moore’s arrest and another half-hour answering questions from the media.

On Friday, May 31, officers pulled over for a noise ordinance violation and arrested Moore, 23, when he refused to get out of the car. Moore’s passenger, Yamil Osorio, recorded part to the arrest and a 32-second video was shared widely on social media.

In the video, Officer Christopher Buske pulls Moore out of the vehicle and onto the ground. Moore is punched him in the head as officers struggle to get his hands behind his back.

The department’s internal investigation concluded that Syracuse police officers did not commit excessive force in Moore’s arrest, but two of the four officers involved in the traffic stop violated a policy on professionalism by using vulgar language and other commentary. Buske and Officer Leonard Brown were the officers who violated the department’s policy on demeanor, Buckner said.


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