Police release video of kids popping balloons shortly before chaos at Town Center Mall

Boca Raton police released new video Thursday afternoon in the case of the active shooter scare at Town Center Mall.

The video shows a janitor pushing a cart with a balloon stuck under the wheel. As the janitor pushes the cart out of view of the cart, he told investigators the balloon popped under the wheel.

Police say as detectives review surveillance video, more footage shows some kids popping a balloon just before 3 p.m. inside the Hollister near the food court. This happened about two minutes after the balloon popped under the janitor's wheel.

"We encourage to always be prepared for a potential active shooter event. Be our eyes and ears to report suspicious activity. Have a plan to run, hide or fight, if needed," Boca police said in a release. "Many sounds can be mistaken for gunfire or explosions, including popping balloons, slamming push bars on doors, items being dropped and more. If do not perceive an immediate threat, make sure that evacuate in a calm and controlled manner to avoid trampling other people and/or falling to the ground."



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