A 2 1/2 hour bad weather delay in Charlotte caused me to miss the Philadelphia connection for the trans-Atlantic flight to Manchester. I should have been in Manchester around 8 AM on November 1st. Instead, I did not get to Manchester until 12:00 PM on the 2nd of November. Just to offset the memory of the horrible 33-34 hours I spent in the Charlotte and Philadelphia Airport concourses, I started this second chronicle with one of the many short clips that I took on the 4th of November, from when I took a tour of the beautiful Lake District around Windemere.

In a couple of the segments in this Episode 2, you can get a good look at what a senior citizen, myself, looks like after being sleep deprived for about 48 hours. (Hint: I look horrible) I couldn't get to sleep in the airport concourses or on the transAtlantic jet, though I did try. And though I had not had anything to drink, up to that point, I just wasn't thinking straight. Couldn't even get it together to shave, FFS. But sad geezer Mr. This quickly became fairly happy Cipher This, the closer I got to the Malmaison Hotel and downtown Manchester.

The train trip in to the Piccadilly area of downtown Manchester, from the Manchester Airport, was enjoyable for me. For me, riding the trains was a real novelty, because suburban living in the U.S. Southeast precludes, for the most part, having public train systems. Plus, I was loving the chill in the air. Coming from a 90 degree Fahrenheit wet bulb temperature into approximately 45 degree brisk weather, was wonderful. Cold wind in your face goes a long way to waking up even the walking dead.......

Cheers and vacations for all......


By: Cipher This (2044.40)

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Location: Manchester, England