Man held at gunpoint by citizen after assaulting clerk

Happened at Wenatchee, WA.
The Wenatchee Police Department released surveillance video Tuesday of a bystander detaining a man at gunpoint after he assaulted a gas station clerk last week.

The video was released in response to a public records request and shows three different views of the incident, which occurred at the 76 gas station in the 200 block of Ferry Street on Aug. 8.

In the video, a man identified by police as Jaime Garcia-Aparicio, 38, of Wenatchee is seen attempting to buy alcohol.

But he didn't have any money and tried to pay for the alcohol with his ID, police said.

After speaking with the clerk for four minutes, he attempts to take the alcohol before attacking the clerk, according to the video.

When the pair exit the gas station, they meet a bystander, [name redacated], who stops the attack.

Police were on the scene in 3 minutes.


By: Gimballock (138.94)

Tags: wenatchee, citizen, concealed carry, second amendment, robbery, citizen arrest, gunpoint

Location: Wenatchee, WA 98801, USA