Male lizards wrestle in the water over mating rights to desirable female

Two male monitor lizards wrestle in the water - in a fight over the mating rights to a desirable female.

The pair of randy reptiles were seen rolling around in the water at a park in Bangkok, central Thailand, last Monday (September 9).

They spent several minutes entwined as they tried to use their strength to overpower the other one.

The winner of the dual would be given a pass to mate with a female monitor lizard on heat, while the loser would skulk back into life as a bachelor.

Amateur photographer Anake Seenadee, 43, captured the unusual scene while he was relaxing in the park watching the wildlife.

He said: ''I was surprised to see this and at first, I thought they were mating.

''But then after I had done some research about their behaviour I understood that this was a fight over which male could mate with a woman.

''Both of the lizards looked very tired so I think she must have been a very sought-after female lizard.''

Male monitor lizards usually fight over two things - females and territory.


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