Children left hanging upside down on broken amusement ride

The incident took place today, July 19 in the capital of Cabardino-Balcaria. So, in one of the parks of Nalchik children with adults bought a ticket and decided to ride on an exciting attraction.

However, holidaymakers did not realize that they will get an additional portion of extreme.

For reasons not yet clear, the carousel turned the passengers, but I could not lower back. According to eyewitnesses, children with adults hung upside down for about 10 minutes.

A video of the scene appeared on the network. In the footage, people walking in the park can be heard saying they are worried about the youngest passengers and resent the inaction of the carousel administrators.

Fortunately, children and adults after a while managed to remove from the attraction. All passengers are safe now. However, according to eyewitnesses and those who were stuck on the carousel, the park administration did not even apologize to them:



By: skybluejack (2602.10)

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