Man wearing a onesies with a fake gun robs gas stations

A toy gun and a growth suit of an alien Stich - such a simple set allowed two brothers from Togliatti to make five successful raids at gas stations and microcredit offices, the Interior Ministry department in the Samara region reported. Attackers got into the lens of surveillance cameras.

There were partners, one of whom was 21 years old, and the second 15 years old, according to the worked-out scheme: they settled in a hostel for a couple of days, ordered the delivery of a carnival costume, went dark at night, and returned only in the morning.

So, in one day at the end of July, moreover, in a couple of hours, the attackers robbed two microloan offices, and a few days later raided three gas stations. However, for a visit to the gas station, they chose hunting suits.

The investigators do not name the amount of the loot, only specifying that the young people quickly spent the money. Now the elder brother faces up to 10 years in a colony under the article "Robbery".


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Tags: gas station robbery, thief wearing onesies

Location: Tolyatti, Samara Oblast, Russia