Dancing next to the person you knocked out

Violent incident inside a bar in Costinesti where a security guard was beaten, just for fun, by two individuals full of muscles. No one had the courage to face the aggressors.

The scandal took place in a bar in Costinesti, around 2:30, the police from the resort being notified that a young man was violently attacked by two individuals. It is about two well-known thugs in the area, one of them, the former world martial arts champion, Wu Shu, being the most violent.

From the first checks, the police established that a 21-year-old man, a bar security guard, was beaten with his fists and feet by this 39-year-old thief, amid an exchange of remarks. The young man had dared to take a napkin from the bar in front of the interpo.

However, the decisive blow was given by the friend of the former champion, who, after the guard got up and passed him, punched him by surprise, with his fist, in the neck area, knocking him down on the steps, face up. Witnesses in the bar did not have the courage to intervene. The two aggressors started dancing, without taking into account that their victim was lying on the ground.

The former athlete, a 39-year-old individual, was taken for questioning, being investigated for the crimes of hitting and other violence and disturbing public order and peace. The second aggressor was later identified as a 42-year-old man from Suceava. The victim did not have time to file a complaint against the aggressors, being at the hospital in Mangalia, where he receives medical care.

According to investigators, Cristian Lupu, former world champion in Wu Shu, has a criminal record. Six years ago, also in Costinesti, he was criminally investigated for robbery, the victim being a saleswoman from the resort. He received a suspended sentence. 13 years ago, after a fight like in the movies, in front of a terrace, with several bodyguards from the Republic of Moldova, he was stabbed, arriving at the hospital.


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