Activists Protest Communist Party "Chinazi" Government in Solidarity with Hong Kong Protesters

Activists protested outside the Chinese Embassy in Washington DC Sunday afternoon in solidarity with protesters in Hong Kong.

The protests in Hong Kong, which have raged on for months, stemmed from a bill that would have allowed extradition of Hong Kongers to China. The demands have broadened since the demonstrations began.

The group - led by dissident Yang Jianli (who was granted US residency) - held distorted Chinese Communist Party flags with the stars presenting the shape of a swastika. Jianli led the activists in referring to the Chinese government as "Chinazis."

"This flag accurately describes what China is," said Jianli. "We step on this flag to show our determination to end this regime."


By: WashingtonAndBeyond (909.30)

Tags: Hong Kong China Protest

Location: Washington DC