Migrant calls for solidarity with gang rapists

Unbelievable. A group of turkish-german criminals gang-rapes a girl in the isle of mallorca. First of all, racist 'journalists' in germany make native 'germans' out of the boys.

Now one migrant calls out for solidarity with the rapists. He wants to make a rap video to support the criminals.

His call (in a wanna-be gangsta voice):
'Salam, my boys. Today we meet at 8pm in the Breite street. We make a rap video for my brothers in the can in mallorca. Free Serhad, free Jacob, free Rezan, free Berhan, free Azad. We all meet today at 8pm in the Breite street, we make a rap video about my brothers, about their situation, about the lies they tell us. Everyone who wants to support us, join us. 8pm in the Breite street, I want as many people as possible behind me. We make this in Instagram, Snapchat. Everybody in this fucking world should know about these lies for that single bitch.
Whoever wants that video, just write to me and I send it to you. We fuck the world today 8pm at Breite street'

Don't know if I got the names of these creeps correctly, but I don't give a shit about their names anyway.



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