MAGAT Snowflakes

I was thinking about that scumbag right-wing Karen wailing about being asked to walk one way on a sidewalk and how that was “communism”…

During World War II to fight scumbag nAzis, Americans were asked to (and did):

1) Ration, gasoline, butter, canned milk , sugar and other essentials.

2) Fought profiteering.

3) Conserve.

4) Saved rags, rubber, paper, metal, fats.

5) Voluntarily trained to learn how to extend the life of rationed goods, wartime recipes included suitable replacements for limited ingredients.

6) Bought war bonds and didn’t waste money on toys.

7) Fund-raised and donated.

Faced with the coronavirus, Americans have been asked to remain inside our homes as much as possible, wash our hands, maintain a distance of six feet from others and wear a mask in public.

Magtards are such drama-queen, snowflakes.


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