Motorist brake checks fire truck

When the driver came out of the store approximately 25 minutes later he saw the trooper and walked over to him and asked directions to Tulagi Place, and asked if it was in walking distance. The Trooper then asked the driver why he didn’t just drive the Sonata to Tulagi Place. The driver of the Sonata said it wasn’t his car and denied driving it. The Sonata was not owned by the driver, but he had been pulled over in it before by police. The driver of the Sonata was also suspended at the time of the incident.

Christopher Tyler, 30, of Lexington Park, ticketed for the following:
driving a motor vehicle without required license and authorization
driving a motor vehicle on a highway or public use property on a suspended out-of-state license
negligent driving a vehicle in a careless and imprudent manner and endangering property, life, and person
changing lanes when unsafe
failure to use a turn signal prior to a turn
stopping a vehicle in an intersection


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