Red man, look left! Marx's hometown introduces traffic light for his birthday

Trier, the birthplace of Karl Marx, introduced a new pedestrian signal on Monday, in honour of the philosopher's upcoming 200th birthday in the image of Marx himself.

City officials were also accompanied by a life-sized figure of Marx while they unveiled the signal.

Andreas Ludwig, head of the building department, explained that traffic lights "have a man who is walking or standing, and our man is Karl Marx. 200 years ago he was born in Trier, and now he is the man on a traffic light."

While Wolfram Leibe, the Lord Mayor of Trier, stated: "It's to symbolise Karl Marx in daily life, not only in an exhibition, it's important to show him in daily life, that's the idea."

Marx was born in Trier in 1818 and lived there before leaving for university. Frequently exiled for his political views, he lived throughout Europe for decades before settling in London, where he died in 1883.


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