Thai locals catch crickets to eat during the country's rainy season

Excited Thai locals gathered in fields to dig crickets to cook into exotic meals.

The edible insects are in-season during due to the heavy rain in Phayao, northern Thailand. Locals have been hunting them on the ground in recent weeks.

The men used spades and other digging tools to get their hands on the insects that can be cooked in a variety of exotic southeast Asian dishes.

When the cricket, or locally called Jing Kong, was caught, the hunters will take them into the bottle one by one.

Wutthichai Chiasarn said the rainy season - which peaks around August and September - is the best time to catch crickets as they emerge from their holes.

He said: "It is easy to find insects during this season, they will be chubbier and healthier than other times of year."

The cooked crickets can be eaten as meals, or sold as delicacies in street food stalls and markets.

The price normally starts at three baht per one cricket, locals sometimes make money around 300Baht (7.3 GBP) per day.


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Location: Thailand