Two vehicles crashes into a vacuum truck

November 23 on the highway "Lobnya - Sheremetyevo" in the urban district of Solnechnogorsk. The driver of the “4389Z7” car (specialized refueling vehicle), moving from the Sheremetyevo airport towards Nosovo, while making a left turn, did not give way, having an advantage in driving vehicles, as a result of which he collided with a Volvo S40 car and the Mazda CX-5 car, moving in the opposite direction, from the city of Lobnya towards the Sheremetyevo Airport. As a result of the strike, the Volvo S40 car collided with the Volvo FEE car, which stood on the highway to go to the intersection and make a turn maneuver, from the village of Nosovo towards the Sheremetyevo Airport.


By: ThisIsButter (37794.10)

Tags: Two cars, Crashes with Two Trucks, Vehicles, Accident

Location: Solnechnogorsk