First Trip to Pskov, Russia (Founded in 903)

Pskov, one of the oldest Russian cities. Founded, or at least first mentioned in Chronicles in 903. It is now became the third city, after Vyborg and Novgorod The Great, I have visited recently.

Pskov used to be a part of Kievan Rus, then Novgorod Republic but after all got it's own independency as Pskov Republic managed by "Veche" (People's Council). In 1510 joined the Great Moscow Duchy and became a part of new Russia.

Like most of old Russian cities, Pskov was founded on a coast of the river. Krom, the Pskov Kremlin (fortress) built on the hill in the place where Velikaya river meets Pskova river.

The main place of Pskov Kremlin is Trinity Cathedral, built by an order of Olga, The Great Princess of Kievan Rus. She was the wife of Igor Rurikovich, the Great Prince of Kievan Rus. After his death, Olga got the authority of Kievan Rus.

The Monument to Olga in Pskov depicts her with a Christian Cross in hands and little son Svyatoslav Igorevich. Because it is Olga who began the mass baptism of Russian people to an Orthodox Christianity and her son Svyatoslav Igorevich became the next Prince of Kievan Rus.


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Location: Pskov, Russia