Resident attacked an 80-year-old pensioner and took her bag of groceries

A 32-year-old unemployed man who was suspected of assaulting an elderly woman at the entrance of her house was detained in Kazan. The pensioner lost her grocery bag and wallet with more than 5.5 thousand rubles. The attacker was identified by recording from a surveillance camera.

The attack was carried out on April 4 in Fayzi Street. The footage shows that the man waited a long time until all the witnesses left the parking lot, after which he rushed to the pensioner who was climbing the stairs, so that the 80-year-old woman fell on the asphalt. While she was rising, the robber escaped.

He was identified by the district police officer, but during the arrest the suspect resisted, so he had to be handcuffed to the police station. The court's previously convicted attacker will wait in custody.

Whether he managed to spend more than 5.5 thousand rubles and where the products are, investigators not specify. Meanwhile, users have already expressed their willingness to help a pensioner.

"Where does this grandmother live? She needs to buy this bag and food!" and "Do you have contacts with this grandmother? Please share, there is a desire to help her, it’s not her fault that we have such !" They wrote.



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