Travel expo in Bangkok pushes domestic tourism amid Covid-19 downturn

Thousands of locals attend a travel expo in Bangkok, Thailand, as the country's government looks to boost domestic tourism during the Covid-19 downturn.

The industry - accounting for up to 20 per cent of GDP - has been devastated by the coronavirus following a ban since March 22 on tourists entering the country.

Despite, pressure from trade groups and lobbyists, government chiefs are unwilling to open the borders amid fears the pandemic could spread in Thailand, which has recorded just one local transmission in more than 100 days.

Instead, ministers have pushed initiatives to boost domestic tourism to try and keep the ailing industry afloat until international tourists return.

Footage from the Thailand Travel Expo 2020 shows how hotel and resort operators from around the country are desperately trying to lure in new customers. Many prices at five star luxury destinations have been slashed and locals are able to enjoy low prices.

Economists believe the country will lose 1.69 trillion baht in revenues due to the travel restrictions put in place because of the pandemic.

Thailand has recorded zero foreign visitors since April when it imposed a travel ban - a staggering decline compared with 2019 when there were 39.8 million tourist arrivals.


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