LAPD Released Body Cam Footage From Viral Video Where LAPD Officer Attacked Suspect

First Part: Third-Party Video
Second Part: Female Officer Body Camera Video
Third Part: Contact Officer Body Camera Video

Press Release From the Los Angeles Police Department

The Los Angeles Police Department is aware of a disturbing video capturing a portion of an interaction between an individual and two uniformed officers in the City's Hollenbeck Area. We discovered this video the same day that the interaction occurred and took immediate action.

The incident occurred April 27, 2020 when two uniformed officers responded to a radio call of a trespassing suspect in the 2400 block of Houston Street. At that location the two officers made contact with a male trespass suspect and directed him to leave the private property. During the course of the investigation a physical altercation occurred between the suspect and one of the officers, resulting in the officer receiving minor injuries to his hand. The suspect had abrasions to his head and face but refused medical attention.

A uniformed supervisor responded to the scene and initiated a preliminary investigation consistent with the Department's reportable use of force protocols. A community member who reportedly witnessed some portion of the altercation provided the supervisor with a copy of a cell phone video taken. Upon review of the content of the cell phone video and the involved officer's body worn video, the supervisor notified his commanding officer and investigators of the Internal Affairs Group responded to conduct a personnel complaint investigation.

The trespass suspect was released from custody from Hollenbeck station pending further investigation.

A formal complaint investigation has been initiated by Internal Affairs Group due to the serious nature of the alleged misconduct. At the direction of the Chief of Police the investigation involving the force used by the officer will be investigated by the Department's Force Investigation Division.



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