Motorcyclist stuck under a car after he crashes into the car

A motorcyclist crashed into a car in Chekhovskiy district yesterday and got under its wheels.

The incident occurred on May 21 near the village of Kryukovo, when the girl who was driving a Kia car drove off a secondary road in front of a speeding motorcycle.

A collision occurred, and a 25-year-old motorcycle driver fell under the wheels of a car that continued to move.

Later, the girl said distracted by her child, who was sitting in a child seat, and for this reason did not stop right away.

The witness of the incident, walking with his little son on his shoulders, instantly orientated himself, lowered the child to the ground, ran to the car and stopped it.

Then the man shouted to passers-by, and after a few seconds, they jointly raised the car and rescued the motorcyclist.

The victim was taken to hospital. Information about his condition has not been received.


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Location: Kryukovo District, Moscow, Russia