Police searching for woman who assaulted bus driver over long layover

Police are searching for a woman who assaulted a bus driver over a long layover in Culver City, officials said Tuesday.

Surveillance video of the Sunday incident shows a woman making her way through the bus, toward the driver and then pulling the driver out of her seat and striking her repeatedly as the driver tries to push her away.

“The female suspect yelled, ‘Drive ,’ to the bus driver before assaulting her,” the Culver City Police Department said.

It was around 1:40 p.m. and the bus was parked while the driver waited for her scheduled departure time.

“The female suspect was upset due to an extended layover on the Culver city bus,” police said.

After confronting the driver, the woman went outside to the front of the bust and vandalized the windshield wipers, police said. Video shows her twisting the wipers out of shape.

Police did not provide information on the driver’s condition and no further details were available


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