Thai man caught taking pictures under woman's skirt in elevator

A man was caught taking pictures under a woman's skirt in an elevator in Thailand.

The man followed the woman into an apartment block lift then sidled up behind her in Nonthaburi, central Thailand, on May 28.

When the lift's door closed he lowered his phone to take a picture under her skirt.

However, the young woman noticed his hand before turning round and demanding to his the smartphone. He is seen in the camera footage shielding the screen of the phone.

Police began searching for the suspect but he surrendered himself on Saturday afternoon (May 30). He admitted putting his phone under the woman's skirt but said he did not take any pictures or recordings of her body.

The man was later identified as Patcharaphon Taithip, 30, who handed himself into police before admitted putting the phone under her skirt.

Speaking today, the victim, who wanted to remain anonymous, said she did not want to accuse the man without proof.

She said: "I remember feeling that he was standing close to me in the lift and I wanted to move away from him.

"I turned round to see him and noticed that he was holding his phone under my skirt.

"I asked him about what he had done and tried to see his phone, but he insisted that he did not do anything. I went to the buildings security office and asked to see CCTV footage from the lift.

"When I saw it I immediately contacted police. I don't feel safe living in the same building with that deviant.''

Police said they are using data recovery tools to search through his phone as they believe he deleted the images.

Police Colonel Amnaiphan Nilnoi said: "The evidence that the victim has brought to us is quite enough to charge him for molestation.

"However, we believe he deleted a video of the victim so if we can recover that we will have more evidence that will add to the case.''



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