Snakebite victim left with horrific burns after undergoing controversial "acid treatment"

Snakebite victims in an eastern Indian village are being treated with a controversial acid treatment which fails to cure the bite and leaves them disfigured for life.

The treatment sees them covered with a corrosive substance where the snake touched their bodies.

Niranjan Behera's body was left severely burned after he sought treatment for a snake bite.

Behera has been unable to wear a shirt or go outside due to the pain caused by the blistering.

Snake Helpline secretary Subhendu Mallik, who visited the victims, said: “Anti Snake Venom (ASV) is available free of cost at government hospitals, but people still go to quacks due to lack of awareness.

"We are helping the victims get medical attention and also complaining to the police against the quack.”

This footage was filmed on August 18.


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Location: India