Two baby crocodiles escape during storm in Thailand and shelter in Buddhist monk's toilet

Two pet crocodiles escaped their during a storm and wandered inside a Buddhist temple.

Monk Thanwa Kittisaro said he was walking to the toilet when he found the two reptiles in the restroom in Prachinburi, central Thailand on August 7.

He said: "I was shocked when I realised that they were crocodiles. At first, I only thought that they were just monitor lizards."

The monk said that while he called the emergency services for help, a man rushed to the temple looking for his baby crocodiles.

The crocodile handler, Biew, said: "I live on the same street as the temple, so I'm sure they're my crocodiles.''

Biew said he noticed that two of his baby crocodiles were missing, so despite the heavy downpour, he went out the street looking for his pets.

He added that the reptiles might have sneaked out of the enclosure during the heavy rain the night before.

He said: "Luckily, the little monsters did not harm anyone, especially the monks. I am glad that they are gentle even in when they are in an unfamiliar territory."

Biew apologised to the frightened monk and he took the baby crocs back to their enclosure.

Thailand is currently at the peak of its monsoon rainy season, which lasts from May until October and sees regular rainstorms and flash floods.


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