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Tulsa police released body camera video Thursday showing a wild interaction between an officer and a driver after a traffic stop.
The police sergeant conducted the traffic stop in late September at South Sheridan and 9th Street because the vehicle didn’t have working taillights, according to the police report.
The sergeant saw that the driver, 25-year-old Marico Ferrick, was in possession of a driver’s license belonging to a retired police officer.
The sergeant tried to detain Ferrick, who police said put up a fight. Eventually, the sergeant used pepper spray on Ferrick, who spit it back in the sergeant’s face.
Police said the arresting officer also found marijuana in Ferrick’s pocket.
As for the retired police officer’s driver’s license, police said she had lost it at a local casino.
Ferrick is facing a number of charges, including assault and battery upon a police officer, possession of a controlled drug without a prescription, and driving without a license.



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