Intense collision with trucks in Russia

The registrar captured the moment of a serious traffic accident that occurred on the morning of Monday, December 2, on the M7 “Volga” highway in the Mendeleev district of Tatarstan.

A woman driving a Hyundai Accent overtook. After that, she returned to her row, however, lost control and again found herself in the oncoming lane, where she collided with a truck.

After the blow, the car flew off to the side and a DAF wagon crashed into it, from which the shooting was conducted.

According to the press service of the regional police, as a result of the incident, two people died on the spot - a 36-year-old woman driver Hyundai and her nine-year-old daughter.

The truck, the first to encounter a passenger car, pulled into a ditch and capsized on its side. Whether his driver suffered - is not specified yet.


By: ThisIsButter (38749.80)

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