Playtime USA Fight, business owner cited

Playtime USA, located in the Hilltop Shopping Center at 8200 Hamilton Avenue, held a teen dance without first obtaining a permit as required in the City of Mt. Healthy and failed to follow the safety requirements contained within the Ordinance designed to protect patrons.

As you know from the news, several fights broke, two police officers were injured, and eight juveniles and one adult were arrested and charged with Aggravated Riot and resisting arrest. Last night Marvino Higgins and Daniel Oliver were charged with Operating a Teen Club without a License.

Based on our investigation, we believe 355 underage juveniles were sold tickets to the event for $20.00 each. Promotion of the event was done on social media, primarily to juveniles who attend Withrow High School. Most of those arrested do not live in in Mount Healthy. When fights occurred inside Playtime, management responded by evacuating the venue and forcing patrons out of the building and into the Hilltop Plaza parking area. This action exasperated the situation and caused additional fights to occur. The original officers on scene were quickly overwhelmed and called for assistance from neighboring communities. Numerous additional police agencies responded to help disperse the crowd.

In addition to the arrests, at least three juveniles were treated at Children’s Hospital for minor injuries. Several officers were also injured during the incident.
Our investigation continues.


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